IME Becas - El Mezquite Scholarships

Every August El Mezquite Markets owner Sergio Bermudez teams up with Student Affairs to host the Mezquite Golf Tournament to raise funds for scholarships for UNM students. Additional funds for the scholarship also come from the Mexican Consulate of Albuquerque’s office.

Teams of four can participate via sponsorships of $750 - $5,000 per team. To date the tournament has raised over $300,000 and helped over 100 recipients take another step toward their higher education goals.

Scholarship applications will be available in September of this year and awarded in November. The plan is to award scholarships of $2,000 each with each recipient receiving $1,000 in the fall and $1,000 in the spring.

For questions or more information about the scholarships, please contact the College Enrichment and Outreach Program at 505-277-5321.

Some students have shared their stories about what the Mezquite scholarship means to them.