For New Employees

The New Employee Mentoring Program — Who is it For?

New Employee Mentorship Program (NEMP) is optional for all new, regular, full-time employees within the Division of Student Affairs at UNM Central Campus. NEMP is designed specifically to meet the needs of new employees who are either new to the University of New Mexico or to full-time employment at UNM. NEMP will give you an additional support network and insight into our field that will establish a foundation for success at UNM. It is your decision whether or not to participate in NEMP.

New to New Mexico?

The Land of Enchantment is a beautiful and exciting place to live and work. That being said, it can be challenging to “break the ice” when it comes to meeting new people and networking across campus. NEMP gives you the opportunity to meet other professionals within Student Affairs but outside of your work unit and thus begin building a social and/or professional network here in Albuquerque.

New to full-time employment within Student Affairs at UNM?

Whether you attended the university as as student or have worked in another Division at UNM, many of our staff members have prior experience with the University of New Mexico. Making the transition to full time employment within the division can be a challenging process without support and guidance from other professionals. NEMP provides another level of support in addition what you will already receive within your specific work unit.

Benefits for the Mentee:

  • Opportunity to develop a significant professional relationship (Cooper, 1998)
  • Develop a professional relationship with someone outside of their immediate unit
  • Ability to learn about other units within the division
  • Reduced role ambiguity (Blackhurst, 2000)
  • Opportunities to learn about culture and norms of the division

Getting Started

Getting started with the New Employee Mentoring Program is easy! All you need to do is decide that you want to be a part of it and complete the Mentee Application! Everything that you want to know about NEMP is in the Mentee Booklet, so take a few minutes to read through that.


Ready to join NEMP? All you need to do is fill out this form and submit it to the coordinator below. From there, we will work to pair you with a mentor from another Student Affairs unit outside of your department. We will work to pair you with a mentor who best meets your needs, so please take to fill this out thoroughly. You should receive the application in the New Student Affairs Staff Orientation Packet, but you can also download it here! Once complete, please send this form to:

Jenna Crabb, NEMP Coordinator
Campus Mail: MSC06 3710

The Matching Process

Finding the best mentee/mentor match is the key to making the NEMP successful. Mentors will be paired with mentees based on a variety of different factors including:

  • Individual needs and goals of new employees
  • The work units of available mentors and mentees
  • Compatibility in regards to time and geographic availability of mentors and mentees
  • Similarities and differences that are suitable for an ideal match, including hometown, personal interests, academic background, etc.

In every case, mentors and mentees will be able to request a different match if the mentoring relationship is not working out. Our goal is to make this the best experience possible for everyone involved. Please let the NEMP Coordinator or your supervisor know if you have any concerns about your match.

Once You Have Been Assigned a Mentor

Your most important task as a NEMP Mentee is to reach out to your mentor. Remember, this person is here to help you transition to the Division, UNM, and New Mexico as a whole. Be patient and persistent in arranging your first meeting and commit to a regular meeting schedule that will work for both of you. NEMP will ask you to submit six-month and twelve month review forms to ensure that the experience is a positive one for both of you.

Wrapping Up

We expect the formal mentoring process to last twelve months, after which you may choose to conclude or continue your mentoring relationship with your mentor. Once you have completed two years of full time employment at UNM, you will be eligible to serve as a potential NEMP Mentor for a new employee yourself!