UNM Celebrates Outstanding Seniors

April 12, 2016 - Dorene DiNaro

Recognition Reception awardeesLast week, The University of New Mexico celebrated nearly 50 of its best and brightest at the annual Recognition Reception hosted by the Student Activities Center.  This annual reception recognizes the accomplishments of many of our outstanding student leaders through various awards including the Clauve Outstanding Senior Awards, African American Student Services Award, Outstanding American Indian Student Service Award, Raza Excellence Outstanding Student Awards and several more. 

 Outstanding UNM seniors were recognized for their contributions to student life, service to our community, leadership, and exceptional volunteer service to the campus all while maintaining a positive academic performance and serving as an academic ambassador to the institution.  

 The event was emceed by Dr. Eliseo “Cheo” Torres, vice president for Student Affairs with a keynote address from Duffy Swan, UNM alumnus and former president of the UNM Alumni Association. 

 In addition to the awards, the Udall and Goldwater national and Women’s Resource Center Sabrina Single Mothers scholarships were also awarded.  Please see the complete list of awards and honorees.  Congratulations UNM seniors and scholarship recipients!