El Centro to Hold Day of Hope and Inclusion

December 13, 2016 - Dorene DiNaro

Day_of_Hope_flyerThis Friday, Dec. 16, 2016, El Centro de la Raza will host their 3rd Annual Day of Hope and Inclusion from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Northeast Mesa Vista Courtyard.  Below is a history of the significance of the celebration, by El Centro Director, Rosa Isela Cervantes.  

Huei tlamahuiçoltica omonexiti in ilhuicac tlatocaçihuapilli Santa Maria totlaçonantzin Guadalupe in nican huei altepenahuac Mexico itocayocan Tepeyacac.[1]

According to history, On December 12, 1531, a man by the name of Cuauhtlatoatzin[2]was on his way to the city of Tlatelolcoa locality close to Mexico-Tenochtitlan. When he passed by the hill of Tepeyac, according to the story, the apparition of Tlecuauhtlapeupeuh[3], otherwise known as the Virgen de Guadalupe, appeared to Cuauhtlatoatzin and delivered a message of love, compassion, help, and protection. Our lady of Guadalupe, our “Indian Virgin” became a symbol of resilience, faith and love for those who are the most disadvantaged.  This image became a symbol of hope and spiritual strength to the suffering that the people of Mexico had to endure during the time of the conquest.  This day is to acknowledge those who are continuously and tirelessly working for those who are the most disadvantaged members of our society.

On December 16, 2016, El Centro de la Raza will host a ceremony in the Northeast Mesa Vista Courtyard to commemorate December 12, 1531 as a Day of Hope and Inclusion for the populations we serve. Beyond being grateful to the staff who continuously provide their expertise and energy to support our Raza students, this ceremony also seeks to promote unity and interdepartmental collaboration not only between UNM established programs, but also with student groups so we can all work together on some of the most pressing issues affecting our students today. 

To this effect, we are inviting organizations within the Division of Student Affairs and other allies to join us on December 16, 2016 from 11am to 2pm to participate in this celebration of hope and inclusion. The representatives of the programs will be asked to share the purpose of their program and the specific population they serve. To celebrate their work, these groups will be honored with a ceremony that will include Danza Azteca. This event will close with food and beverages.

Our community is very diverse in thought, experience, nationality, race, sexual orientation, immigration status, etc. However, we hope that by honoring a part of who we are at El Centro, we can invite you to be exactly who you are.

Rosa Isela Cervantes


[1] El gran acontecimiento con que se le apareció la Señora Reina del cielo Santa María, nuestra querida Madre de Guadalupe, aquí cerca de la Ciudad de México, en el lugar nombrado Tepeyácac.

[2] Otherwise known by his Spanish name as Juan Diego.

[3] Tlecuauhtlapeupeuh translates as "she who emerges from the region of light like the Eagle from fire."