Mental Health Site Available for Lobos

August 1, 2020 - Dorene DiNaro

MHAugustThe health and well-being of our pack is always at the heart of everything we do at The University of New Mexico.  Ensuring our Lobos are provided with the mental health resources and support they need has been the focus of the  UNM Campus Mental Health team.  

The team, made up of departments and units across campus who provide mental health services, meets weekly to discuss ways to ensure that our Lobo’s mental health needs are met. Topics include service availability, efficient referrals, and creating new mental health support initiatives.

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and limited resources, the team has placed importance on communication and promoting the many services that are available for our UNM community.  Currently these services are following the COVID-19 protocols which means telehealth, social distancing and some limitations on services.  

The UNM Mental Health website ( is another way to protect our pack. The site serves as a central location for information on the wide range of mental health resources available for students and community members both on and off campus.  

Users of the site will of course find the essential information such as location, contact information, and cost if any for services in a clear and concise format.  More specifically though, the site highlights helpful information including services provided, the best way to access services, the best way to refer someone to the service, what to expect when accessing the service, and the wait time for the first appointment. 

The website will be continuously updated with the most current issues regarding mental health on campus, changes in services and respective wait times for appointments.  For more information on any of the UNM mental health initiatives at UNM, please visit