Welcome to Student Affairs


Greetings from the University of New Mexico! I want to welcome you to the programs and services offered by the Student Affairs Division — and to invite you to look into them and make use of them, as you make your way through the marvelous adventure that is higher education at the University of New Mexico. We are proud of the many programs and services we offer, which are designed to foster more and better access to education for students from widely diverse backgrounds and circumstances. Among the programs we are especially proud of are those that promote greater retention of our students from under-represented groups as well as those from lower income groups. We work particularly hard to bring students to the University who might not otherwise have opportunities to attend an institution of higher education.

We offer bridge programs to help high school students make the transition to the University; we offer academic counseling and tutoring services to at-risk students within our diversity programs, which include El Centro de la Raza, African American Student Services, American Indian Student Services and Accessibility Services for students with disabilities; and we oversee the Career Services department, which helps students who are getting ready to make the transition to the world beyond the University to link up with potential employers.

We also offer a wide variety of recreational services, where students can go to exercise and participate in a number of organized physical activities, in observance of that ancient credo that one should maintain a healthy mind within a healthy body. Student Affairs also oversees Student Housing Services, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and the Student Health Center, where students can go for their medical needs, or to seek emotional or psychological counseling through Counseling and Therapy Services (CATS).

I invite you to take a look around our website and familiarize yourself with the wonderful programs at your disposal. We're looking forward to working with you!

~Eliseo "Cheo" Torres