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Careers in Student Affairs Month

Every October we celebrate Careers in Student Affairs Month with the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA).  In honor of this event we are featuring a special video Chit Chat series focused on the careers of various employees in our Division.  You will learn about where these careers started, what they find rewarding about their careers and how being a member of Student Affairs is farther-reaching and more impactful than just on our campus itself.

Our Division covers 26 departments and programs and below are videos from just a few of those departments.

Dr. Eliseo "Cheo" Torres

Vice President for Student Affairs

Rosa Isela Cervantes

Director, El Centro de la Raza

Marty Apodaca

Career Development Facilitator, UNM Career Services

Tonia Trapp

Program Specialist, Accessibility Resource Center 

Brandi Stone

Program Specialist, African American Student Services 

Victoria Dimas

Program Specialist, UNM Children's Campus

Andrea Marquez

Student Activities Advisor, UNM Student Activities

Dr. Jessica Sanchez

Clinical Psychologist, SHAC

Robert Yin

Clinical Psychologist, UNM Student Health and Counseling