National Student Exchange Sets Records

April 14, 2011

For over thirty years, the University of New Mexico has been participating in the National Student Exchange (NSE), a not-for-profit education consortium which provides affordable and practical opportunities for students enrolled at member campuses to study and live in a new location. 

At the NSE Placement Conference in Portland, ME, this spring, UNM placed 68 students in various universities and accepted 33 students to attend UNM this fall.  Although the conference is the primary place where students enroll in the program, there are also hundreds of students who get placed afterward.  To date, UNM has placed close to 2,000 students at various universities throughout the U.S. and has accepted nearly 1,000 who want to study at UNM. 
Since 2009, UNM has been the highest ranking college with regard to how many students were accepted into the program.  This is a testament to how important the program is for UNM students, as many of the other NSE colleges have seen a decline in their numbers over the past few years.
NSE plans to continue attracting more and more students not only to experience other colleges, but to experience what UNM has to offer.  Having exchange students attend UNM exposes our students to an even more diverse population of students and vice versa for the UNM students who attend other colleges through the program.
Students can apply for the program via appointment with Rob Burford, in the Dean of Students Office by calling 505-277-3361 or emailing him at  For more information NSE, please visit