Student Affairs Announces 2012 Fellows

January 12, 2012 - Dorene DiNaro

Natalie Robinson BrunerNatalie Robinson Burner is an education specialist with the Biomedical Research Education Programs where she heads up the Undergraduate Pipeline Network (UPN).  UPN offers students of color the opportunity to gain experience as a researcher, prepare for graduate school applications and develop connections in the field thus creating a sense of belonging.  Natalie says that the UPN program is an example for others to attract people of color to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.  Natalie became interested in the Student Affairs fellowship program as a way to gain real world experience in executing effective changes, forming networks that support the goals of her program, learning skills on how to better lead her team, and affecting education on a system-wide basis.

Renee DelgadoRenee Delgado is the program planning manager in the office of the Vice President for Student Services where her focus is on diversifying academic pathways for underrepresented and first-generation college students.  She feels that her current position has provided her with key skills in assessment and management of academic achievement disparities in higher education.  Renee became interested in the Student Affairs fellowship as a way to further develop her networking skills and pursue a strong training in higher education administration to further her understanding of achievement gaps in higher education, and learn best practices on collaborating to address these critical issues.  She feels that the fellowship will provide her valuable time and resources to enhance her skills and develop educational opportunities and pathways for student success.

Dayra Fallad GuiterrezDayra Fallad Gutierrez is a senior student program advisor/recruiter for the UNM High School Equivalency Program where she helps to recruit and advise migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families.  Her goal is to help our students successfully pass the GED exam and then place them into a post-secondary institution, upgraded employment, or a military career.  Dayra became interested in the fellowship as a way to learn more about departments such as the Women’s Resource Center, El Centro de la Raza, Student Activities and the Dean of Students Office to name a few.  She wants to learn more about what happens “behind the scenes” and the details of what makes each department work.  She is hoping it will provide her greater opportunities to learn and network with a wide range of professionals throughout the Division of Student Affairs. 

Caitlin HenkeCaitlin Henke is a career development specialist with the UNM Office of Career Services where she assists students in career development and advising as well as providing support in improving student retention at UNM.  Caitlin enjoys being able to work with other student affairs professionals to encourage the best possible experience for students in and out of the classroom.  She became interested in the Student Affairs fellowship program because she feels it will give her the chance to learn from other Student Affairs professionals and connect with other departments and organizations while gaining more knowledge about the Division as a whole.  She feels the experience will allow her to continue on her path of enhancing the lives of UNM students while building lasting relationships with other Student Affairs professionals. 

Hallee KellsHallee Kells is a professional intern with the Dean of Students where she serves as a new student orientation coordinator. As an undergraduate, Hallee held several student leadership positions within ASUNM, ASUNM Community Experience and Pi Beta Phi National Fraternity where she learned the importance of having strong, knowledgeable and positive leaders within Student Affairs.  She became interested in the Student Affairs fellowship program because she feels it will help her to grow as a leader within Student Affairs and give her the ability to expand her knowledge about the campus community, thereby making her a more effective and resourceful Student Affairs professional.  Hallee feels it can also strengthen her educational experience as she makes her way through the master’s of Public Administration program.