Help Us Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 7, 2012 - Kim Kloeppel

Random Acts of Kindness, Respect and Safety

 This year, Random Acts of Kindness Week will be celebrated February 13-17, and what better way to celebrate than by spreading kindness, respect and civility, while also focusing on safety!  Unfortunately, daily acts of kindness are not publicized but rather overshadowed by acts of violence, bullying and insensitivity.  Consequently these acts can lead to injuries, deaths and suicides as people seek recognition by copycatting these acts—thereby allowing the cycle of violence and insensitivity to continue. 

 In order to place more emphasis on kindness, respect, civility, and safety, I am leading the charge to UNM students, faculty and staff to encourage each other to focus on positive behaviors and finding ways to demonstrate kindness, respect, and focus on safety. 

 Being kind to each other isn't’t difficult or profound and doesn't’t take much extra time or money—it just takes awareness and conscious thought from all of us.  Some of the smallest acts of kindness:  sending a friend or co-worker a note of thanks, giving someone a compliment, volunteering at a shelter, holding the door open for someone, walking a neighbor’s dog, or giving up your seat for someone can go a long way.  And if you want to do more, a few extra dollars could treat a friend to a cup of coffee or a movie, or help your favorite charity, and departments can combine efforts for food or clothes drives. Be a role model and show others how easy this can be!

 It always feels good when someone is nice TO you, but it feels even better when YOU are nice to others! In fact, there are many health benefits associated with being helpful and kind.  Being helpful can enhance your feeling of joyfulness, emotional resilience, optimism, self-worth, and vigor, and reduce your sense of isolation, helplessness, and depression. Let’s put up a fight to achieve kindness, respect, courteousness, and our focus on safety!  Be Kind and Pass it on to Others!

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 Kim Kloeppel

UNM Interim Dean of Students and Student Affairs Planning Officer