Air University President Visits Air Force ROTC

May 4, 2012 - Dorene DiNaro

General Fadok and CadetsAir Force Lieutenant General David Fadok, who serves as the Air University President paid his first-ever visit to the UNM Air Force ROTC cadets last month on the UNM campus.  As Commander of the Air University, Fadok is responsible for the education over 100,000 students a year—60 of which are from the UNM Air Force ROTC program.  Fadok, whose wife used to be an Aerospace Studies instructor for the Air Force ROTC, has always felt close ties with the program.

Fadok shared the “seven traits of a successful leader” with the group including:  integrity, unity of effort, initiative creativity, enthusiasm, perseverance, and civility and related each of these characteristics to stories about his own life.  “The chance to hear from General Fadok, a high ranking officer is a unique opportunity that reemphasizes the family atmosphere of the Air Force,” says Air Force Cadet Geoffrey Guerdrum.  “The fact that he took the time to talk to us makes the Air Force feel small and personal.”

Gina Lopez, an AFROTC freshman cadet, echoed that statement saying that she wants to follow in Fadok’s footsteps and be the same kind of leader.  “I’m going to try to be all of those things.”