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UNM statement regarding 'Sex Week'

October 1, 2014 - Dorene DiNaro

Statement released on October 01, 2014

The University of New Mexico has released an official statement regarding 'Sex Week' below.  You can also click here for the official statement on the UNM For the Record page.  

"The Women’s Resource Center and the Graduate and Professional Students Association were well intended in creating the workshops billed as “Sex Week.” However, the initiative did not have clear oversight or close enough supervision to prevent the inclusion of topics that are sensational and controversial. For that UNM apologizes.

While the university administration believes that it is important to offer opportunities for sex education to college students, it should be done in a careful and respectful manner. We will do a better job in the future of vetting and selecting programs offered through campus groups.  

– Eliseo “Cheo” Torres, vice president, UNM Student Affairs