CEP Advisors Receive Praise from Southeastern New Mexico

May 5, 2015 - Dorene DiNaro

Jose and Michael in Artesia newspaperJose Villar, program specialist, and Michael Hoodless, senior student program advisor, both with the UNM College Enrichment Program, were praised for their work during a recent visit to Artesia High School in Southeastern New Mexico where they spoke to the class of 2015 about the Chase Foundation Scholarship opportunities.

Richard Price, Chase Foundation director, says he gets a number of calls from parents praising Villar for what he does for their kids.  He refers to Villar as a great ambassador for UNM and says he appreciates the support.  

The Chase Foundation Scholarship provides students with additional resources to pursue a higher education with the goal of obtaining a college degree. The UNM College Enrichment Program (CEP) has partnered with the Chase Foundation Scholarship to offer additional guidance and support for the students who receive it.

Part of that support includes pairing Chase scholars with a peer mentor. Scholars meet with their peer mentors weekly and are assigned a CEP Advisor to guide them throughout their academic journey. Accordingly, these relationships ultimately help minimize barriers and aid students with any issue or concern they may face, while making the transition from high school to UNM as smooth as possible.

The Chase Foundation was established in 2006 by Mack and Marilyn Chase to help serve the community of Artesia and the not for profit organizations within Southeastern New Mexico. The Chase family is very intent in their desire to see youth expand their education opportunities and believe in their mission to increase student graduation rates, provide student resources, establish partnership programs with higher education institutions, provide families affordable college, and to provide continual encouragement and support for students throughout their education process.

Please visit the Chase Foundation website or the UNM College Enrichment Program website for more information on the scholarship.