CEP Offers First-Year Research Experience Scholarships

September 8, 2015 - Dorene DiNaro

The College Enrichment Program (CEP) in collaboration with ASUNM, GPSA, and Student Fee Review Board, has created an initiative to introduce research opportunities to our students early in their college experience.  The First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) at UNM offers 30 first-year students the opportunity apply their learning beyond the classroom! 

This research experience will allow students to ask questions, check data, create new ideas and engage in their educational experience.  Participants will be able to work closely with a faculty mentor to get real life questions answered and discover new information in ANY area that they are interested in.  By participating in this high-impact practice, students will acquire improved critical thinking, communication, presentation and leadership skills, while engaging in a more thorough and comprehensive educational experience. In addition to the research experience, each scholar will receive a $350 scholarship/stipend paid in 2 installments after certain program requirements are met. 

Please click here for the application, and visit the FYRE website for more information, or contact Jose Villar at 277-5321 or jvillar@unm.edu with any questions.