UNM BeKind Initiative Provides Small Kindness Reminders for our Community

December 15, 2015 - Dorene DiNaro

BeKind UNM photoAs part of the UNM BeKind initiative, and in the wake of the recent tragic events happening in our community, country, and the world, the UNM BeKind team wanted to do its part to not only help prevent road rage incidents, but other senseless, violent acts. Therefore, in conjunction with the UNM Division of Student Affairs, the team designed a small reminder in the form of a car magnet and sticker, which reads, “Be Kind, be courteous, get home safe.”

“Kindness is a powerful tool,” says Dr. Kim Kloeppel, chief operations officer with the UNM Division of Student Affairs, and chair of the UNM BeKind committee. “The car magnets and stickers are a small reminder to all of us to be courteous and safe on the road.”

The magnets and stickers come at a time when the state is stepping up its efforts to make our streets a little safer and kinder.  The new road rage prevention effort, Operation Lilly, End Road Rage, kicked off last week and has more officers patrolling Albuquerque interstates and major roadways in honor of Lilly Garcia, the 4-year-old shot in a road rage incident in October.  Operation Lilly targets aggressive drivers and issues citations to those in violation of the law and handing out placards to people they pull over, urging them to avoid making gesture or eye contact with angry drivers. 

Kloeppel hopes when drivers see the magnets, they will stop and think, and remember to just breathe and not overreact to slights on the roadway. One way to make small changes in the community is to be kind. I challenge us as a community to continue to support and assist each other by, as Maya Angelou said, “being the rainbow in someone else’s cloud--one random act of kindness can be that rainbow.”

The UNM BeKind initiative is devoted to encouraging random acts of kindness. Annually, in February, the Division of Student Affairs spearheads the celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week on the UNM campus, however kindness is encouraged each and every day!

The car magnets and stickers are FREE and available for pick in the UNM Student Affairs office, located on the UNM main campus, Scholes Hall, Room 229 (1800 Roma NE). There is also a larger, downloadable sign that can be obtained on the UNM BeKind webpage and used as a reminder in the office, home, or anywhere. 

For more information on the BeKind initiative at UNM please visit our website or facebook page.  For more information the Division of Student Affairs, please visit UNM Student Affairs, or follow us on Facebook.