Hidalgo Holland Named Director for WRC

February 23, 2017 - Dorene DiNaro

Jessica Hidalgo HollandPlease help us welcome Jessica Hidalgo Holland as the new director for the UNM Women’s Resource Center.  She brings with her over fifteen years of experience working in the non-profit sector from social change philanthropy to grassroots fundraising. A native of the northeast, and a graduate of New York University, Jessica quickly found a calling in social justice philanthropy working for Tides Foundation and the Third Wave Fund*. She then took her skills to California raising resources for Guide Dogs of the Desert and Hope Through Housing Foundation.
Jessica relocated to Albuquerque in 2009 to further her studies in traditional medicine, ultimately pursing her masters in counseling at Southwestern College with a concentration in grief and trauma.With a passion for creating positive social change, Jessica spent the last five years conducting outreach and fundraising for Albuquerque SANE Collaborative*. Her involvement with UNM’s SMART team gave her a deeper understanding of the unique challenges facing the UNM community. She resolutely supports UNM’s efforts in becoming more trauma informed and victim centered in how they respond to sexual assault, and is eager to help enact policy that reflects this commitment.  
Jessica has spent a career, and a lifetime, devoted to her one true passion and calling: supporting individuals and communities in healing. Jessica strives to center the voices of those most marginalized. She is committed to co-creating a women's movement that honors the feminists that have come before, owns the reparative work needed and celebrates the incredible work happening right now.
In addition to her organizational experience, Jessica works with survivors of violence as a Trauma Touch Therapist and research assistant for UNC, Chapel Hill. Her quest to understand PSTD most recently led her to Southwestern College, a consciousness centered graduate school for counseling. Jessica can talk with equal passion about trauma, her rescue pups Gideon and Piper, and her passion for traditional medicine. She can often be found at dance classes around the city, or nose deep in social media following the latest conversations about social justice or pop culture.