College Enrichment and Outreach Programs Foster Excellence

March 8, 2017 - Dorene DiNaro

The UNM College Enrichment and Outreach Program (CEOP) is a vital part of the Division of Student Affairs. Their goal is to ensure students equal access to education and foster excellence through a collaboration of support services.  Programs within CEOP include:  College Prep Program, Educational Opportunity Center, Ronald E. McNair and Research Opportunity Program, Student Support Services, Upward Bound and College Enrichment Program.  The College Enrichment Program which is one of the largest components of CEOP was founded by and first directed by Dr. Dan Chavez, who passed away last week.  Dr. Chavez and CEP have assisted countless students in making the dream of going to college a reality.  We would like to send out condolences to his family and also a heartfelt thank you for his contributions to the success of our students.  For more information on CEOP please visit their website.