Center for Financial Capability Offers Credit Workshop

October 11, 2018 - Dorene DiNaro

CFC Credit workshop graphicEver wonder why credit is important?  What does it really mean and how can it affect your life as a student?  Get the answers to these and other questions at the upcoming Center For Financial Capability workshop, Give Yourself Some Credit, on Tuesday, Oct. 16 from 3:30 to 4:30 in the Ethnic Centers Foyer.  

The workshops is one of a series of upcoming workshops sponsored by the CFC including:  

Each workshop includes free food for attendees, a drawing for a $100 scholarship and resources to help students make the most of their money and financial plans.  (Only currently enrolled UNM students, are elligible to receive Scholarship awards).  Although the material is targeted for UNM students, any person may attend a workshop. Students will be given priority if attendance is limited.

The mission of the Center is to help students learn more about how to better manage their finances through skill-building, education, and financial relief. Located in the Dean of Students Office, the Center for Financial Capability is designed to help alleviate financial stress by helping students overcome financial barriers.

For more information on the Center or upcoming workshops, please visit their website.