Celebrate Farmworkers

March 4, 2020 - Dorene DiNaro

FAW2020For the past eight years, UNM Camperinos have been honoring the work of farmworkers during their Annual Farmworker Awareness Week (FAW) celebration on the UNM campus.  This year the event will be held March 24-26, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the SUB Atrium and on Smith Plaza. 

The event aligns with the Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) National Farmworker Awareness Week—a consequence of the advocacy and hard work of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.  FAW directs attention to the unjust conditions seasonal migrant farmworkers face and inspiring dialogues of change.

 According to the Department of Labor, U.S. farmworkers hold one of the most dangerous occupations in our country working and living in crowded, substandard, housing, facing healthcare and language barriers, and a lack of transportation.  Additionally, they are exposed to serious health risks including heat illness, musculoskeletal pain, and chronic disease from pesticide exposure and toxic chemical injuries.  

The 3-day event includes: Farmworker Student Appreciation Day featuring a student panel discussion on the challenges farmworkers face,  on Tuesday, March 24.  On Wednesday, March 25, David Martinez, former UFW Board Member and Cesar Chavez’s best friend will speak at the Dia del Movimiento event.  Thursday, March 26 will feature performances, music and fun activities as part of Past and Present Struggles and Cesar Chavez’s Birthday celebration.  

The goal of the long-running FAW is to inform a broad audience of the role that farmworkers play in our daily lives.  The week is sponsored by the UNM College Assistance Migrant Program in partnership with UNM RSP, Recuerda a Cesar Chavez Committee, UNM El Centro de La Raza, La Plazita Institute, Los Jardines Institute, UNM Graduate Resource Center, ENLACE, among many others


To keep up with FAW, please like the FAW FB page.