Stay Active with UNM Recreational Services  

April 13, 2020 - Dorene DiNaro


JCnewWhile many of us are calming our pandemic-induced stress with an excess of comfort food, the staff at UNM Recreational Services is providing ways to combat the potential “Quarantine 15” weight gain—from an acceptable social distance of course.                                                 

Normally classes and fitness activities take place at Johnson Center on the UNM main campus which recently underwent an overhaul complete with a new building and several renovations to the existing space.  However, the space isn’t open and doesn’t have a firm opening date due to current State and University restrictions. 

So, the staff at Recreational Services came up with a creative to way to keep our Lobos active and healthy during this time.  

“Each of our programs has come together to offer different options and suggestions for replacement activities that comply with University, local, and state restrictions,” says James Todd, UNM Recreational Services Director.  “We have compiled several virtual activities to help Lobos stay active and healthy while social distancing.

Students, staff and community members can log on to Recreational Services Social Distancing web page to participate in fitness, intramural sports, club sports, aquatics and other activities.   

Recreational Services will provide these services and resources as long as deemed necessary by the Governor and university administrators.  Please visit the UNM Recreational Services website for all the details.