UNM Army ROTC Cadets Give Back

April 2, 2020 - Dorene DiNaro

Army ROTCWhat do you get when you add one hospital in need with one group of cadets who want to help?  You get one giant, selfless, act of kindness. 

“Masses of people in countries and places all over the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and experiencing enormous change,” says UNM Army ROTC Senior Cadet Seoyoon Cha.  “New Mexico is one of those places.” 

Due to COVID-19, the University of New Mexico Hospital needs additional supplies, equipment, and other resources to take care of its patients and medical personnel. The UNM Army ROTC cadets wanted to help, so they did. 

 “We, as cadets, thought about what we could do to help people who are suffering and fighting the pandemic,” Cha says.

Throughout the year, UNM Army ROTC cadets host fundraisers to pay for events they participate in. However, this year many of the events that the cadets were planning had to be canceled or postponed. 

This year, the cadets decided to donate part of the funds they raised—$2,500 to the UNM Hospital for resources needed for patient care and to protect medical personnel. 

“We wanted to help in any way possible and we hope our donation encourages others to contribute to the fight,” says UNM Army ROTC Cadet Battalion Commander, Dylan Trujillo.

The UNM Army ROTC  program teaches several skills both inside and outside of the classroom.  Skills like management, leadership, confidence, discipline, and teamwork.  Consequently, this year’s cadets could teach their own class on compassion and giving back.  

For more information on ways to donate follow the UNM Army ROTC on Instagram or visit the UNM Coronavirus website.