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OSA Fellowship

2018 Fellows group photo

This program provides opportunities to gain leadership and professional development skills while assisting the Vice President of Student Affairs on specific projects during a 15-month term beginning in January and ending in March the following year. The program is open to all UNM professional staff (grades 8-14); however, top priority will be given to Student Affairs employees. The program includes participation in special projects and guidance by the Vice President and other mentors. Benefits include networking with Student Affairs directors and departments as well as exposure to UNM-wide committees and meetings.

Meet the 2018 Fellows

Victoria Dimas

Victoria DimasVictoria is a program specialist with UNM Children's Campus.  She became interested in the field of Student Affairs when she was an undergraduate student at UNM.  She says that as an ethnic minority first-generation college student she found it difficult to navigate a large university and determine what services were available to her.  Subsequently when she began working at the UNM Children's Campus, she discovered many Student Affairs resources and feels a strong need to share those resources and support systems with current students.  Victoria is hopeful that the fellowship program will help her further her skillset within the university and the Division of Student Affairs.  She is excited to develop and build partnerships and collaborate with others in the Student Affairs community.  "Student Affairs appeals to me because of the ability to make a significant impact in a student's life and course work," she says.  

Brian Ferguson

Brian Ferguson

Brian is a student success manager with the Athletics Academic Services.  In his current role, he has been able to create and develop new student success initiatives for UNM athletes, and he specifically oversees Lobo Women's Basketball, Volleyball and Cross Country and Track and field programs. One of his future professional goals is to serve students at UNM and eventually retire as a Lobo.  He was interested in the fellowship program as a way to further understand and experience UNM at a macro level and witness how our institution supports student success.  He is hopeful that the program will allow him to interact and learn from those who share his same passion for student success.  "I hope to use this position to grow in my knowledge of this university and the higher education system so that I can be a part of the success of UNM students," he says.  

Carli Maldonado

Carli Maldonado

Carli currently serves as a career development facilitator in the UNM Careers Services department.  In her current role, she is the liaison for Engineering students, international students, and Residence Life.  One of her favorite parts of the job is being able to present to students and she feels that guiding students to career resources is important because there is a lot of information to sift through on the internet and job searching can be a lonely, stressful time.  Her interest in the fellowship program grew from her desire to gain more responsibility and authority to influence the programs and services that shape our students' experiences.  She is hopeful that the fellowship will give her a broader view of the avenues by which to achieve her career goals and grow as a leader.  "I realized that I don't have to go far away to help people in need, I don't need to go anywhere, I can be of service and a positive impact in my own neighborhood to students in New Mexico," she says.  

Felipe Mendoza

Felipe MendozaFelipe is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering.  He has a passion for technology and sharing that technology with others.  He decided to pursue an Engineering degree after working in the technology field of 3D printers and scanning for a couple of years.  He was attracted to the fellowship program as a way to network and grow in certain areas, and hopes he will be able to put his creativity to use.  He is excited to be a part of the event planning process that this fellowship entails.  "One of my long-term goals is to develop an after school program that helps high school students in my neighborhood (south valley) learn how to code. I want to encourage students in my community to embrace technology, be excited about STEM and pursue college," he says.    

Fellows Application Process