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Smith Plaza and Union Square Renovation

Smith Plaza

Lobo Landing

Plaza plateau

Smith Plaza/Union Square is located in the heart of main campus, south of Zimmerman Library, north of the Humanities Building, south of the Student Union Building (SUB) and east of the Duck Pond.  The renovation of Smith Plaza/Union Square aims to create an outdoor great roomthat promotes the University of New Mexico as a Destination University.

The new Smith Plaza/Union Square will accommodate the diverse University community by promoting a balance of academic and social activities and provide flexibility to allow for small and large gatherings. The objective is to create a safe, accessible, comfortable, connected community and environment for campus users to feel engaged, socialize, relax and study.

  • Size: 3.3 acres
  • Budget: $ 3,000,000
  • Funding Sources: 2016 & 2017 Institutional Bonds

Donor and Naming Opportunities

Plateau A:     $43,000 (4300 sq ft)

Plateau B:     $22,000 (2360 sq ft)

Plateau C:     $50,000 (5265 sq ft)

Plateau D:     $66,000 (9865 sq ft)

Lobo Landing:    $75,000 (4085 sq ft)

naming opportunities

Lantern Shades with lighting

$15,000 each

lantern shade

Donor Wall

$60,000 with lighting

$4,000 12x6" name plate

$5,000  12x9" name plate

$10,000 12x18” name plate (various options available)

Donor wall

donor wall with lighting

Donor wall


Kim Kloeppel
Division of Student Affairs

Larry Ryan
The UNM Foundation
Vice President of University Development