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Awards Criteria

Exemplary Pack Member Employee Award (1 award)

A staff person from within Student Affairs who has provided a significant contribution that benefits a program or department.

  • Suggests new ways to improve the quality of services to students
  • Shows willingness to assist beyond normal expectations
  • Collaborates effectively across units to help students for success
  • Shows outstanding supervisory/mentoring skills to others

PLEASE NOTE:  Previously nominated staff may be nominated again, if not a recipient of the award the previous year.  Student Affairs directors are NOT eligible for this award.

Star Lobo Student Employee Award (1 award)

  • A student from within Student Affairs who is in good academic standing.
  • A student who contributes to the goals and mission of their respective department(s).
  • A student who contributes outside of his/her community and within the university.
  • A student who is a model employee.

Howling Best Fellow Award (1 award)

  • A previous fellow who has contributed to improving student life at UNM.
  • A fellow that has created a climate for continued improvement for the student body.
  • A fellow who has contributed to the goals and mission of the Division of Student Affairs.


  • Current fellows or selection committee members are not eligible for the award.
  • Fellows who have previously received this award are not eligible for the award.

Extraordinary Pack Department Award (1 award)

Primarily to recognize departments who reflect the values of Student Affairs through their collaboration, inclusion, and support of students.

  • Student or Academic Affairs group who have worked together towards the overall goals and mission of UNM.
  • Shows collaboration across different groups/departments within/outside organization.
  • Promotion of communication, trust, cooperation and respect for differences.

PLEASE NOTE:  Departments who have received this award in the past are not eligible. 

UNM Pack Partner Staff/Faculty Award (2 Awards)

**Student Affairs employees are NOT eligible for this award.** 

Primarily to recognize outstanding contributions to student life at UNM. These individuals typically work outside the Division of Student Affairs. 

  • A staff or faculty member who has made contributions that create a climate for student success.
  • Awarded to faculty/staff for outstanding performance (outside of regularly assigned duties) that significantly enhance some aspect of student life at UNM.
  • Helps students/others with a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity in their work that improves overall student experience at UNM.