Several departments in the Division of Student Affairs offer various scholarship opportunities. Information on each of the scholarships is below.

Every August El Mezquite Markets owner Sergio Bermudez teams up with Student Affairs to host the Mezquite Golf Tournament to raise funds for scholarships for UNM students. Additional funds for the scholarship also come from the Mexican Consulate of Albuquerque’s office.

Teams of four can participate via sponsorships of $750 - $5,000 per team. To date the tournament has raised over$300,000 and helped over 100 recipients take another step toward their higher education goals.

Scholarship applications will be available in September of this year and awarded in November. The plan is to award 50 scholarships of $2,000 each with each recipient receiving $1,000 in the fall and $1,000 in the spring.

For questions or more information about the scholarships, please contact the College Enrichment and Outreach Program at 505-277-5321.

Some students have shared their  stories  about what the Mezquite scholarship means to them. 

AASS offers 3 scholarships during the fall semester and the amounts of these scholarships vary from year to year. Students can contact the scholarship office to receive more information, or they can come by the AASS office at the beginning of the semester and speak with Scott or Jamila.

Abraham Lincoln Mitchell Memorial (Amount varies)

  • African-American
  • Must contact the Scholarship Office First
  • Academic Merit and Community Service
  • Recommendation by the Abq chapter of the NAACP and AASS

Carrie Schaeffer (Amount varies)

  • African American
  • Academic merit
  • Must contact UNM Scholarship office first
  • Recommendation by the directors of African American Studies and African American Student Services

Ed & Carol Lewis Scholarship (Amount varies)

  • African-American
  • Academic Merit
  • Must contact the UNM Scholarship Office first

Applications for the NROTC four-year scholarship program must be made to the Navy by January 31 for entry into the program the following August. Applicants first compete nationally on the basis of ACT or SAT scores; subsequent selection depends heavily on the applicant’s academic performance in high school and college, as well as leadership roles and extracurricular activities. Applications for the NROTC two-year scholarship program must be made to the Navy by March 15 for entry into the program in June. Applicants must be college sophomores and selection is based on the student’s college academic performance. More information can be found on the NROTC Web site.

Students in the NROTC scholarship program receive tuition and scholastic fees, textbooks, uniforms and a monthly stipend for a maximum of four academic years. Students in the NROTC college program receive naval science textbooks and uniforms for the entire time they are in the program.

Further information concerning the program may be obtained from the NROTC unit at the following address:

The University of New Mexico
NROTC Unit–MSC02 1700
720 Yale Blvd., NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-0001
(505) 277-3744

Minority Serving Institute Scholarship Reservation

UNM NROTC has a limited number of scholarships available for students to attend UNM as it is a High Hispanic Enrollment school. If you are interested in attending an MSI school, apply for an MSI scholarship by completing the electronic application on the NROTC website or by using the paper PDF application and contacting the UNM NROTC Unit. You do not need to be a minority to be eligible for this scholarship, but you must be willing to attend UNM.

If you are interested in any of these programs, contact the Naval Service Training Command Candidate Guidance Office (1.800.NAV.ROTC, Option 3, Ext 0, 1, 2 or 3) or the UNM NROTC Unit for further Information.

UNM Office of Career Services

Have you ever wanted to attend a professional or academic conference? Do you have a paper you would like to present at a national meeting? Would you like to expand your networking opportunities? Are the travel expenses too costly? Then, S-CAP program is for you!

The Student Conference Award Program (S-CAP) is a travel grant designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to obtain funding to attend an academic or professional conference in their field of study. The maximum award is $600 and may include: travel, lodging, airport shuttle or taxi fees, and conference registration fees.

All awards are processed through the Student Financial Aid Office as Travel Grants and may be subject to taxation.
We accept applications each semester and begin accepting them approximately one (1) month prior to the first day of classes. Exceptions are weekends and holidays.

*Each semester the funding period is counted from the first day of class through the end of the following semester break.

  • We do not accept applications earlier than the posted date.
  • Your application must be submitted prior to attending the conference.

For more information and application details and deadlines, click on the link.

Women’s Resource Center

The Sabrina Single Mother's Scholarship is awarded every Spring semester. Applications for the scholarship are available during the Fall semester. The students selected will receive an award, which will be credited to the students’ account during the Spring semester. A letter of notification will be sent to the student, or students, selected.

Selection Criteria:

  • Available to graduate and undergraduate Single Mothers attending UNM
  • Must be registered for 6 or more credit hours per semester during the academic year
  • Must have cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Must display financial need
  • Must be sole financial supporter of the family

Submission Materials:

  • Unofficial UNM transcript
  • Completed two-page application form
  • Short essay responding to questions in application
  • Copy of current tax return or FAFSA application, last 2 pay stubs (if working), and copy of Financial Aid Award
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from previous employer, volunteer supervisor, academic advisor, or professor (not to exceed one page)

The First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) at the University of New Mexico offers 30 first-year students the opportunity apply their learning beyond the classroom! This research experience will allow students to ask questions, check data, create new ideas and engage in their educational experience. Participants will be able to work closely with a faculty mentor to get real life questions answered and discover new information in ANY area that they are interested in. By participating in this high-impact practice, students will acquire improved critical thinking, communication, presentation and leadership skills, while engaging in a more thorough and comprehensive educational experience. In addition to the research experience, each scholar will receive a $350 scholarship/stipend paid in 2 installments after certain program milestones are met.

Short term loans are available for students in emergency situations, should they meet the following loan requirements:

  • Have a 2.0 or higher GPA
  • Must be enrolled for at least 6 hours (unless it is during summer or intersession semesters – see below)
  • Cannot have more than one short term student loan out at a time with the University
  • Cannot be regular full or part-time UNM faculty or staff members earning benefits (student employees and work-study students are eligible)
  • Can only receive up to two short-term loans per semester
  • Cannot have a past due balance of more than $200
  • Can only receive up to $800.00 for an Emergency Short-Term Loan
  • Will need to repay their loan within 45 days

*During summer school a student must be either enrolled for summer or be enrolled for at least six hours for the fall semester

*During the intersession a student must be enrolled for the following semester

h4 class="cherry">Osher Reentry Scholarships

($1,250); 20 Awarded each academic year to students who:

  • have experienced a cumulative gap in their education of five or more years;
  • are at the undergraduate level and pursuing their first baccalaureate degree;
  • anticipate workforce participation for a significant period of time subsequent to graduation and ideally be aged 25-50 years;
  • demonstrate financial need;
  • show academic promise and a commitment to obtaining their degree.

This grant in not intended for graduate students or students seeking an additional degree. It is not intended for students who are exclusively enrolled in online courses or for international students who are visiting the United States with the intention of returning to their countries of origin after graduation


Contact: Andrew Gonzalez, M.A. 277-5321

Ameri-Corps ($2,700); 950 community service hours

Students interested in becoming strong community leaders as mentors; community-driven programming; cutting-edge projects that experiment with democracy; team-work at sites; assets based approach; place- based learning; community as text; and experience deconstructing practice through an anti-racist/anti-bias lens are encourage to serve as Ameri-Corps members.

Experiences for the Corps members are within six distinct focus areas. The common threads that bind these include: strong community leaders as mentors; community-driven programming; cutting-edge projects that experiment with democracy; team-work at sites; assets based approach; place- based learning; community as text; and experience deconstructing practice through an anti-racist/anti-bias lens.


Contact: Kiran Katira, Ph.D. 277-5158

Daniel's Opportunity Scholarship ($500-$1,500); 24 Awarded Annually

2-year commitment ensure college access and success to several deserving and non-traditional student populations not targeted by the fund's flagship program those pursuing education later in life, GED recipients, transfer students and those from foster care.

ROTC Scholarships are available This is a scholarship for students enrolled in one of the campus ROTC programs.



Mezquite /IME ($2,000); 104 Awarded Annually


Contact: Renee Delgado-Riley, M.A. 277-0963