Student Services Overview

Students sitting around table

The mission of Student Services is to provide students with a seamless support structure focused on development of skills, aptitudes and behaviors necessary to succeed in pursuit of postsecondary education, lifelong learning and viable career pathways. Student Services nurtures learning, engagement and retention through supportive programs, active endorsement of graduate studies, and promotion of the health and well-being of every student.

Our vision is to create a culture promoting education, research, wellness & economic development in the 21st Century and beyond by providing leadership, services and programs designed to strengthen communities, serve society, and encourage the pursuit of life-long learning to ensure every student will be prepared to be a productive citizen of our local and global community.


  • Serve UNM as an integral component in student academic and career success.
  • Foster leadership in the UNM Community.
  • Develop leaders for future generations.
  • Partner with UNM stakeholders in efforts aimed at improving the well-being of New Mexico.
Est. 1999: Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) recognizes individuals with disabilities as an integral part of a diverse community and is committed to the provision of comprehensive resources to the University community (faculty, staff, and student) in order to create equitable, inclusive, practical learning environments.

The AASS program at UNM provides culturally relevant programs designed to assist primarily African American students in making a confident transition and successful adjustment to the University.

Est. 1949: Air Force ROTC develops quality leaders for the U.S. Air Force by recruiting, educating, training, and commissioning premier Air Force Officers through UNM Air Force ROTC’s Tradition of Excellence.

AISS provides cultural and academic programming for UNM's American Indian students to ensure their academic achievement and assist in the development of personal, cultural, and social success.

Est. 2003: The Army ROTC commissions fully qualified and competent officer leaders to meet the U.S. Army leadership requirements by recruiting Scholar-Athlete-Leaders, train them with the best leadership program in the world, and retain them with a highly motivated, professional, and competent cadre.

UNM's career portal and on-campus recruiting site assisting UNM students and alumni in choosing appropriate careers and pursuing career-related opportunities.

Est. 2001: To provide personal, professional, and academic enrichment amongst its participants, staff, and community at large, through personalized mentoring, tutoring and advisement, CAMP will strive to aid in developing skills necessary to achieve post-secondary education. CAMP will provide student participants’ the tools to successfully complete their first year at the university by means of academic, social and financial support in creative activities and events. Partnerships with university programs will ensure that all CAMP participants completing their first year of college will be transitioned into programs that will continue to support them.
Est. 1969: The College Enrichment Program (CEP) is responsible for providing leadership in the development, implementation and coordination of student support services and activities which are designed to assist CEP students' academic achievement and their personal, cultural and social development.
Est. 1997: College Prep Programs (CPP) promotes P-20 student success and post-secondary education — from college awareness to college readiness for students from first generation college attending and low-income families in New Mexico and across the country.
Est. 2000: The Community Engagement Center (CEC) was formed by faculty, staff, students and community members who wanted to better mobilize the University of NM’s resources and talents towards civic engagement. The CEC’s UNM Service Corps is a collective of 150 university students predominantly from New Mexico. The students participate in long-term civic engagement s in Albuquerque’s lower socio-economic communities. The UNM Service Corps members apprentice with strong community leaders in over 30 community-based organizations. They address critical issues on education, health, economic and community sustainability through direct service and community learning classes.
Est. 2002: The Daniels Opportunity Scholarship is intended to provide a pool of dollars for college scholarships to students who fit the “Daniels Profile” in one or more targeted categories.
Est. 2002: The UNM Educational Opportunity Center Program (EOC) is a FREE educational outreach program helping eligible adults pursue their goals of a college education. EOC’s goal is to help motivated adults, from moderate and low-income families, whose parents did not attend college, enter, re-enter or transfer to a postsecondary education programs (i.e. college.)

El Centro de la Raza provides tools for self-determination and resiliency, supports the transformation of students through knowledge, skills and responsibility, and challenges self and systems to achieve social justice.

Est. 2002: HEP provides GED prep instruction, tutoring, support and college/military placement services for individuals with migrant or seasonal farm worker backgrounds.
Est. 2007: The mission of the Mentoring Institute is to facilitate the development of quality mentoring programs by establishing a network of mentoring partnerships, promoting and pursuing interdisciplinary research in mentoring best practices, and applying instructional design standards to training and certification programs.
Est. 2009: The mission of the National Security Studies Program (NSSP) is to ensure that interested students develop the knowledge, skills and relationships necessary to successfully compete for Intelligence Community and related national security careers.
Est. 1941: The Navy ROTC develops future officers mentally, morally, and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty and loyalty. To instill future officers with the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. To commission college graduates as naval officers who possess a basic professional background, are motivated toward careers in the naval service, and have a potential for future development in mind and character, so as to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.
Est. 2011: The mission of the Recreational Services Department at the University of New Mexico is to provide a wide variety of opportunities to enhance the recreational, educational and social experiences for a diverse University community. The Department is committed to excellence by offering programs that promote wellness, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle while contributing to the intellectual and cultural development of those we serve.
Est. 1995: The ROP at the University of New Mexico is the only program in the state that provides services in the areas of undergraduate research; Graduate school preparation, application and admission into graduate programs to low income and first generation to college New Mexico Students.
Est. 1999: Ronald E. McNair Program provides Faculty Mentoring, academic advisement, research seminars, tutoring, GRE Prep, summer research internships, campus visits and national conference participation to students who want to pursue a doctoral degree.

STEM Collaboration Center (STCC) is funded through a five-year developmental grant from the US Department of Education for approximately $2.6M. This grant is available only to institutions who serve large Hispanic student populations.

Gateway aims to increase the number of Hispanic and other low-income students attaining STEM degrees, and provide a model for collaboration and faculty at 2-year institutions for greater alignment of academics and instruction.

CNM/UNM Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Undergraduate Pathways (STEM UP) Project focuses on improving, defining and implementing systemic strategies to dramatically improve student transfer success in STEM.

Est. 1976: Through a a federal grant competition for institutions of higher education, SSS was awarded funds to provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education.
Est. 1981: The mission of the Upward Bound Program at the University of New Mexico is to offer rigorous academic support to college bound high school students.