Student Emergency Relief Fund

Student Emergency Relief Fund


College is a time of learning, exploration, and preparation for one's future after graduation. But sometimes students face challenges and outright emergencies outside the classroom that impact their academic futures.

Critical issues could force a student to make the difficult choice to leave learning behind—temporarily or even for good. 

Via the Student Emergency Relief Fund, the Dean of Students Office helps Lobos cover various emergency costs like medical bills and vehicle repairs and works to prevent future issues such as evictions and utility shut-offs. Since early 2023, over $10,000 in Student Emergency Relief funds have been awarded to UNM students to subsidize emergency expenses in times of need. 

Your gift means that Lobos will continue to have the financial resources to overcome a life-altering event and stay in school. This fund provides the option for a student to make a different choice—one that makes walking across the stage at graduation possible. 

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