The world's greatest unifier: Club Sports at UNM

April 12, 2024 - Savannah Peet


Between juggling academics, jobs, and all the fun of college life in between, being a student-athlete isn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean, however, that sports lovers want to give up time on the field entirely. 

That’s the magic of Club Sports at UNM. Hosted under the multi-faceted UNM Recreational Services, Club Sports offers competitive or recreational options for students who want to continue in or try athletics. 

“Whenever I can stop by practices, I will, because I like to see everyone in action. It reminds me why I keep coming back to Club Sports and Recreation, especially at the collegiate level. I think it's very rewarding to do all the behind-the-scenes work and help ensure these programs stay alive and garner recognition for the university,” Club Sports Project Assistant Jessica Bennett said. 

Bennett also serves as Sport and Recreational Club Council President, and as someone who grew up in and around sports, knows how important they are, and continue to be, to students. 

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