UNM 5K Commuter Club Celebrates Anniversary

April 24, 2024 - Dorene DiNaro

UNM 5K Commuter Club

Last April, UNM Recreational Services Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) launched the UNM 5K Commuter Club in conjunction with Student Affairs, theProvost’s Office and Parking Transportation. The program was created to help UNM meet its 2040 sustainability goal. 

 This year, the UNM 5K Commuter Club will celebrate its first year anniversary at the UNM Sustainability Expo on Thursday, April 25 from 10:30 a.m. to:30 p.m. on Cornell Mall where they will offer free bike diagnostics, chain cleaning, and help registering for the club.

 The club is open to students, staff, and faculty commuters. By joining, commuters are committing to bike commuting to and from UNM a total of 5174 miles at 5174 (UNM's elevation)at their own pacing and logging their miles via GPS tracking.

 To date, more than 60 commuters have strapped on their helmets, answered the call and began logging miles. “We are hoping to increase that number to 100 this fall,”said Charles Gwinn, OAC coordinator.

 The cost for students is $35 and $50 for staff and faculty and eligible for Tuition Remission, and Personal Enrichment benefit. Benefits of participating include a free bike tune-up and two UNM parking scratchers, UNM 5K t-shirt, merchandise discounts, limited edition sticker after completion and more. 

 For more information or to register, visit the UNM 5KCommuter Club webpage

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